Camera Calibration

Camera calibration is the estimation of the internal (intrinsic) parameters of a

camera. It is an important step in order to correct any optical distortion artifacts.

Equation (1) shows the intrinsic matrix (also called camera matrix) containing 5

intrinsic parameters. cx and cy represent the coordinates of the principal point,

which would be ideally at the image center. ∞x and ∞y represent the focal length

Markerless Tracking for Augmented .

and s is the skew coefficient. Intrinsic parameters are specific to a camera, so once

calculated; it can be stored for future purposes. There are many approaches used to

calibrate a camera. One of them is to take a number of images of a planar pattern by

the targeted camera from different distances and points of view . The pattern

used in our case is a chessboard.

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