Running GDB in OSX 10.13.2

1. Open Keychain Access
2. In the menu, open Keychain Access > Certificate Assistant > Create a certificate
3. Give it a name (e.g. lldb_codesign)
Identity type: Self Signed Root
Certificate type: Code Signing
Check: let me override defaults
4. Continue until it prompts you for: “specify a location for…"
5. Set Keychain location to System
6. Create a certificate and close assistant.
7. Find the certificate in System keychains, right click it > get info (or just double click it)
8. Expand Trust, set Code signing to always trust
9. Restart taskgated in terminal: killall taskgated
10. Run codesign -fs lldb_codesign /usr/local/bin/gdb in terminal: this asks for the root password


1. Quit gdb
2. Using your text editor e.g. Sublime Text, save a file called “.gdbinit” 3.
3. [Exclude the quotation marks] in your user folder.
In the file add the following: “set startup-with-shell off” [Exclude the quotation marks]
4. Save the file
5. gdb should now work


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